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My Why and Welcome!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to my Blog! I am so grateful that you are taking time out of your day to visit my site and read my words. My name is Nural and I have been a teacher for 17 years. I am still teaching. I am still in the system. Who better to hear these things from, than someone who is still in front of a chalkboard. I started Learn What Can't Be Taught after 17 years of teaching high school students Maths, Physics and Science. LWCBT was a fuzzy idea that formed in my mind whilst I was writing my book 'The Broken World Of Education - How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow Our Kids to Thrive.' My book was the beginning, but by no means the end. The fuzzy picture was sharpened to achieve its true purpose. But before I delve into LWCBT you need to first know why I wrote the book. The purpose of my book was to incite changes within our educational systems. It is not about teachers crying out for more time and more pay. Far from it. It is not about parents feelings towards effective or ineffective teachers and schools. It is about why the system is not allowing our teachers to help our kids the way the want to help them. It is about why our current system is failing our kids by sticking them inside a mould and not allowing creativity to flow. It is all about an awareness of the mind that needs to be taught in our system. If our teachers learning to teach at university are not being taught effectively, then how can we expect our students in schools to learn effectively from them. Not enough time is spent in schools by university undergraduates. This is purpose of 'The Broken World Of Education - How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow Our Kids to Thrive.' There are many reasons why our schools and universities are struggling to help our kids. In my book I have offered suggestions and a roadmap for change for our universities, schools, teachers and parents. Learn What Can't Be Taught is designed to help current teachers in the system, undergraduate teachers and parents of children aged 12-17 years, Learn What Can't Be Taught (by our system) so they can effectively help our future generations. This is my why.

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