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I'm here to tell you more about Learn What Can't Be Taught™ and what exactly I am doing and hope to achieve. This page will give you an insight and understanding into my world and my reasons why i believe change is so important.

All About Learn What Can't Be Taught™

It all started with an idea. An idea for a book. Halfway through writing my book; 'The Broken World Of Education - How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow our Kids to Thrive,I set up my business Learn What Can't Be Taught™.

I wrote my book to share my passionate plea for teachers and parents to come together now to promote and inspire meaningful change in the classroom. It is a call to action for everyone who is involved in teaching to instigate real conversations and real change from within the current antiquated system, to achieve better outcomes for all. Learn What Can't Be Taught™ is how we do this. We help teachers help their students. We help parents help their children. We help students discover their passion and purpose. 

Over the passage of time, Learn What Can't Be Taught™ has recently been focussing on supporting new teachers.  With the launch of 'Refresh and Reload' we are helping new teachers navigate their way through the complexities of teaching.  



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