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If you are looking for all the parent and teacher programs offered by LWCBT,  they are all listed together on this page. In addition to my speaker bio. You can book a discovery call, see availability or book a program here.

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Masterful Mentoring with Nural

  • 1:1 session with Nural.

  • Online or in person (depending on location).

  • Open to teachers and parents.

  • Discussion centred around your students, child, or even you!

  • Help your child or student know what 'they want to do.'

  • How to elicit potential, questioning techniques with realistic and actionable suggestions.

  • Receive an email summary of main points discussed.

  • Multiple session packages available upon request.


Unleashing Potentials - 2 day intensive parent program.

  • Sessions run online with Nural.

  • Learn how to help your child have a focused desire and goal.

  • Learn how to help your child get excited about the future they want to create.

  • Learn how to hear what your child is thinking.

  • Learn why your language is so important, and how communicate with your child.

  • Receive lifetime access to all workbooks and material, even when updated.

  • Please book a discovery call to discuss further.

Blue Personal Objects
Blue Personal Objects


Unleashing Potentials - 8 week teacher program

  • Sessions run by Nural online (or in person depending on location).

  • 120 min sessions afterschool once a week for 8 weeks.

  • Offered at the start of each term only.

  • Teachers will learn how to encourage, nurture, and foster the potential in each student.

  • Learn how to do this with realistic and actionable techniques, and use of language.

  • See the positive change in your students by the end of the 8 weeks.

  • Please book a discovery call to discuss further.


Book Nural to speak

Some things Nural loves to talk about are:

It’s all in the mind’s eye

  • Teacher and student belief, help or hindrance?

  • How to unleash the untapped potential in our teachers and students.

  • How to allow our kids to dream, and why this is vital.


Stop, Collaborate, and listen

  • Who are you really as a teacher or parent? And how to ease your mental burden.

  • How can parents help their kids and their teachers?

  • How to hear what your students or kids are saying, and are you really listening?


It’s a two-way street

  • How empowering our teachers will help our kids.

  • How empowering our kids will help our teachers.

  • Why is all this so important?

To enquire about Nural’s availability to speak at your venue or event, please email Nural at

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