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A day in the life of a teacher...

I thought I'd document my days occasionally, when I'm not too tired lol. 8/9/22 8.30 am Arrive at work. Put my stuff down, say hello to my colleagues and run to the bathroom. I'm not sure when I will get an opportunity to use the bathroom for a few hours. All teachers must train their bladders to empty on demand or hold against all urges. There is no in-between. Considered whether I should photocopy something for my Year 7 class in the afternoon, but the photocopiers were busy. I think 'Bugger it, I'll just print it in my office.' 8.50 am - Arrive at my first class, should be an easier one. Class are just working on an assignment they started last lesson and will have tomorrow too. Class starts working on assignment. Two kids who were away turned up not knowing what was going on with the assignment. I spend the next 20 minutes explaining it to them. Whilst other students are coming up and asking questions. I interrupt a scuffle at the back of the room, ask the students to sit back down and do their work. Towards the end of the lesson an announcement comes over the loud speaker, the Principal wants to encourage RUOK? day. 10.05 am - I make my way to the next class. About 20 mins into the lesson a student teachers walks in wanting to observe my class. I say 'sure', but think 'Never mind, the first 20 mins are not important anyway. I mean really?' 11.25 am - Recess time. Coffee time. Snack time. Bathroom time. Wordle time. 11.55 am - At my next class. Such a lovely group of kids. We did stem & leaf plots. One was working of the windows with a whiteboard marker. One was working on the whiteboard. Half with pen and paper, half online. - All doing the same stuff. This is differentiation at its finest. I think to my self the student teacher should be watching this one, not my VCE class who know how to work most of the time. Kid working on the glass thought he'd do it in another language, luckily he also wrote the key...Turns out he did well lol 1.05 pm - Lunch time. Glass kid was so engaged he left his laptop in the room. I wait 5 mins to see if he comes running back. No joy. I walk out and have a quick look for him, can't see him. Head back to my office with his computer. Eat a light lunch. 1.50pm - Last period, I am not teaching. I decide to try an do some marking. Expecting glass kid to come looking for his laptop. I wait 15 mins, he doesn't come. I lookup where he is and decide to go for a walk and give it to him. 2.15 pm - I sit back down to do some marking, but realise I haven't finished the solutions yet. Colleagues start talking in the office. I join in a little. 2.30 pm - Maintenance men walk in, needing a female to go into the girls toilets and clear it out. Vandalism reports, they need to be locked. I go and do this for them. 2.40 pm - Back at my desk. Another teacher walks in, an has a chat about an assessment. Wants another copy, says they'll do solutions (the ones I realised I hadn't finished.) I think SWEET! I don't have to do them... but alas I want to mark it this week, before the holidays. I do them myself anyway. 3.10 pm - Still haven't marked a single thing. But at least I have done the solutions. I stop. Staff coming back from class. Some debrief and vent. I am mentally drained. I stay for a bit... Until another day...

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