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August 2022

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

7/8/22 My daughter had a birthday party the other day. I have to tell you about a conversation with a parent of one of her friends. This person is a teacher who has been teaching for 5 years. They are already burnt out, disheartened and thinking of leaving the job. This is a common theme with many teachers who are finding the job increasingly difficult. This person spent 4 years at university studying part time whilst working and raising their own family to fulfil their goal, to become a teacher. After 5 years in the job, they are looking elsewhere for work. So the question needs to be asked. If this person spent their time studying, working and raising a family to become a teacher, what is tipping them over the edge to want to leave and what is being done to support them? Not much to be honest. An all too common situation.


17/8/22 Yesterday I was informed that my book has been accepted by IngramSpark!! I'm so excited!! A proof copy has been ordered, hopefully I will receive it within a few days. I can't wait to pick it up and start reading before enabling distribution worldwide!


18/8/22 Food for thought....What you are telling your children about how you were at school is why they believe they can or can't be good at something...


23//8/22 I have received and read my proof copy already. I found three minor typo's but because I now know they are there, I have to fix them. Then off to a bulk print. It won't be long before I start sending out the pre-ordered copies.

I helped a student today discover his true passion and what he really wants to do after he finishes school. Yay! One down 225 more to go...

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