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The Broken World Of Education

Nural Seker

21 Sept 2022

How overhauling our current antiquated system will allow our kids to thrive.

Are you a parent frustrated by the current educational system, disillusioned by the lack of vision and ambition that is being manufactured in your child by some of our current restrictive and outdated institutions?​

Are you a teacher who still strives to help our children achieve their future dream goals, who knows change is necessary, but is constantly contending with the education system and the commanded constraints imposed on your ingenuity, creativity, and time?​

Then let’s talk about how we can get the ball rolling, manifest this change, and allow our children to be inspired to dream again.​This is what Nural Seker, secondary teacher with over fifteen years of experience in the government system is wanting to inspire. ‘The Broken World of Education - How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow Our Kids to Thrive’  is a call to arms to instigate real conversations and real change within our educational system.

In this book Nural explores the way aspiring teachers are taught, the way current teachers are teaching, and the effects on students. Combined with true anecdotes and recommendations for change, you’ll be left wondering, why hasn’t this happened yet?

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