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Learn What Can’t Be Taught™ (LWCBT), was established by Nural Seker from Melbourne, Australia. Nural is a Secondary Mathematics teacher with over 17 years of experience. Nural is a qualified coach and practitioner in Neuro - Linguistic Programming and author of 'The Broken World of Education - How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow Our Kids to Thrive.' 

Learn What Can't Be Taught™ is currently primarily focussed on supporting teachers new to the profession. New teachers, often feel intimidated by expectations — meeting students for the first time, creating lesson plans, and managing classroom interactions. These are just a few things that most other teachers have been doing for years. Learn What Can't Be Taught™ is here to help. My 'Refresh and Reload' program is designed to help new teachers. 

Discover the reasoning behind my business here. You can also follow my journey, thoughts and practices on my blog. Click to follow and like our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Click to contact.


The Broken World of Education – Available Now!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my first book titled ‘The Broken World of Education – How Overhauling the Current Antiquated System Will Allow Our Kids to Thrive.’ This book is a call to arms to instigate real conversations and real change within our educational system.

In this book I describe my own journey in teaching, explore the way aspiring teachers are taught, the way current teachers are teaching, and the effects on students. Combined with true anecdotes and recommendations for change, you’ll be left wondering, why hasn’t this happened yet? This book is a must read for everyone!



Do you want to know how to help your students find their ultimate potential, dream and succeed?

I know you do, but you might think you do not have the time. I know you are busy with your workload. I know you would love to help your students more but you cannot find the time or energy to do this as well as you would like.

I want to show you how this is easier than you think! You just need to know how and with the right guidance, you will. Click the link below now! You'll find:

  • Free downloads to use straight away with your classes.

  • Offer for Masterful Mentoring with Nural

  • Offer for 'Unleashing Potentials' - 8 week online teacher program. (Don't worry, classes are afterschool and only once a week for 8 weeks, during the term.)


Do you want to help your child to find their passion, dreams and succeed?


Of course you do, but sometimes it is hard to know when and how to have the right conversation. Let me show you where to begin and how to start getting your child to dream again. 

The past few years have been tough on everyone, in particular, our kids. They have not lost their dreams; they have just forgotten they were even there. Our kids have forgotten how to access them, how to plan them, and how to believe in them. I want to show you how to help your child overcome this, click the link below now! You'll find:

  • Free downloads

  • Offer for Master Mentoring with Nural

  • Offer for 'Unleashing Potentials' - 2 day intensive parent program



‘A powerful, thought provoking look at our education system and the changes required. Nural is a passionate, inspirational teacher, and knowledgeable human being. Challenging our educational institutions, teachers, parents, and students to rethink the ‘norms,’ and overcome their apprehensions so that they can achieve their true purpose in life.’ 

- Peter Katsonis, PGI Certified Consultant, QA Consultancy

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